What are Diwali Celebrations

Diwali, also known as Deepawali is a well-known and one of the most celebrated festival in the world. It is well celebrated in South Asia, Canada, Australia and the United States of America. A national holiday is declared by Governments of India, Fiji, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Burma and a few other countries, to celebrate this day with peace and harmony. The celebration happens because of the defeat of the devil from the evils and bringing lights to the darkness, that is why Diwali is performed by brightening all the lights, candles, fireworks and Diya lightings.

In India, Diwali is a performed by hosting special singing events and prayers of peace and virtue for the entire life. India, being the Hindu majority, celebrate the most out of this festival by wearing new clothes, lighting vigils and Día’s (pottery object with a candle effect in it), firing crackers on the streets, meeting friends and family members, and a lot more.

This festival is very important in the history of British India as well as the Sub Continent. The celebration last for almost 5 days and each day has its own perks.

The first day is called “Dhanteras”

Dhanteras falls on the thirteenth day of the Hindu month, which is the month of Kartik. This day is celebrated as per myths and legends that the gods and demons churned up the milk ocean. This day is devoted mainly to peacefully pray to Hindu got Dhanvantari and therefore special kind of lamps and sweets are distributed. Also, the death of Lord Yamaraj.

The second day is called “Choti Diwali”

Celebrated on the fourteenth day of the month, this day marks the victory of good over bad and according to the legends, Krishna the lord defeated the demon named Narakasru and saved the mankind. Hindus celebrate this day by firing crackers on the streets and in their homes, and by massaging their body with fresh fragnance of special oil. Rangoli, which is a special rainbow-colored circle painting can also be seen during this day.

The third, fourth and five days are called Laxmi Puja, Govandhan Puja and Bhai Duj respectively. Each occasion is equally fascinating, and tens of performances occur during these 5 days. The great care and affection of Hindu sisters and brothers can also be seen during these days. Moreover, sweets and gifts are also distributed, exchanged and given to the poor on Diwali.

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Tips to Save Money When Travelling To Australia

Travelling Australia can result in an expensive trip if you are not prepared. The airfare alone can be burdensome and about two weeks’ worth of your pay. Aussies to be honest are the world’s most well-voyaged people because travelling in their own country is more expensive than touring the rest of the world. So if you want to make your trip count then follow the simple tips given below.

Do You Homework:

Well begun is half done, which is why you needn’t be afraid of a little extra hand at searching. It may be exhausting but it’ll save you a ton of money. Planning is so important before visiting Australia that it can turn your trip into a feast or famine. You need to find, I mean dig really deep for discounted deals because in holiday season prices do increase. And as hunt for rip-offs and bargains on airfares which are the most dominant expense don’t forget Jetstar, Virgin Australia and Qantas. Their weekly offers can get you off cheap.

Use Local Transport:

Renting a car in Australia can be quite costly, it’s not the rent itself but the cost of the fuel combined that are imposing. However, travelling in local transport such as trains and buses can be somewhat economical comparatively. The view from the rail is more enjoyable and it takes you almost anywhere, in some cities public transport is even free on selective routes to look for them. Only rent a car where the bus or train cannot take you to minimize expense.

Save Money on Lodgings:

Couch surfing and house sitting would be excellent option for sole travelers, it helps you stay at places free or cheap but is only suitable for a short getaway. For long trips and with friends and family hotels and inns can be really pricey but to avoid that you can consider a vocational rental or a farm stay even. They do not have the luxury of a hotel but are more spacious in less money, this way you’ll even have your own kitchen to cook home-meals and you’ll be more familiar with the locals.


Dine Cheaper:

The secret to dinning cheaper is to hunt thoroughly, seeking information through online forums and locals. The main advantage of bonding with the locals is that they will tell you whatever you need to know better than any online forum or trip-mag. It’s better to find places where lunch and dinner deals are available. An average lunch costs around $15-20, high-end restaurants can be costly about $40 something while, deals can be about $5-6 cheaper. Australian tradition does not require tipping it so don’t over-tip. But if you really want to a 10-15% is more than enough.

Best Destinations within $2000

What wouldn’t you do to have an affordable vacation or a honeymoon perhaps? You would travel light to avoid baggage costs, you would couch surf and spend the night in grotesque hotels where sheets smell like piss. You can’t really do that with family, it doesn’t only make you look like a shoddy finance minister but also leaves bad memories. Honeymoons and family getaways are supposed to be memorable and courteous. It is not important to go an expensive and an overly nice place that is obviously out of budget like Hawaii or Europe, so they are out of the question. However, there are some pretty cool places that offers an under $2000 offer for couples and families so until unless you have won a trip with a great discounted price to someplace more expensive that would’ve been overbearing keep reading:

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Riviera Maya, a most romantic vacation destination in the city of Playa del Carmen for a perfectly planned getaway. The road from U.S to Mexico is separated by only one border so, in order to make it affordable you can opt for a road-trip as it is comparatively cheaper than airfare. This way things will get spiced up and adventurous while being economical. There are plenty of hotels in Riviera Maya, however, the best one is Azul Fives Hotel by Karisma. It has a myriad of possibilities of room types to select, from expansive condos with ocean facing windows to a multiple bed-room penthouse. There is a high probability of your stomach being bloated and fit to burst with the more than 11 dine-ins and bars ranging from casual to extra formal.
13 night cost per couple: $1800-$1900.

Cable Beach, Bahamas

There is no place like Bahamas to spread wide under the sun. You may have been here before but it does not mean that going again would be any less fun. Beaches are all about tanning your legs and skinny dipping which is why we bring you Breezes Bahamas Resort and Spa, which welcomes all your family that is, absolutely in love couples and children over 14 (only). The hotel is a two-story or three-story spread surrounded by bistros, alcohol joints, golf courses and 1,000 slot casinos. The hotel is barely a 15 minute drive from the airport and makes the Cable Beach’s list of top all-inclusives. The all-inclusive package consists of a five night stay in an ocean view luxurious room, all-meals and drinks ordered by the couple, his and hers’ t-shirt souvenirs to bring back home. Also the cost of participation, training and instruction for all land and water sports and encompassed in the package.
Cost per couple: $1900-$2000

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Do you know what’s better than Florida? Her distant cousin Jamaica. Pompous cerulean waters, azure sky, you in between inhaling the familiar Caribbean scent just like home would smell to a pirate. Montego Bay has a quixotic heritage, it’s like super glue for lovebirds. Around the year livid temperatures just enough to be bikini-welcoming and an assorted amount of out-door activities. From beach ball, to water sports such as scuba-diving and live-award-winning golf, the Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa has set out its plans so that you can enjoy better. With the romantic landscape of the Misty Blue Mountains Hilton Rose proposes a laid-back deal for newly-weds. The hotel will provide accommodation in an ocean view guest-room, lunches, dinners and suppers are all paid for in the package including lots of booze. And over the top services and planned out activities like non-mechanical watersports, lessons for rum mixology, fitness games and of course kayaking all’s comprised for.

Cost per couple including all hotels tax and service charges: $1200-$1300
(you can buy your partner a present with the left over cash)

Diet on your Cruise Ship vacation

You are on your cruise ship vacation and putting on weight and there is nothing you can do? This is wrong. There are plenty of things that you can do to manage your diet on your cruise ship vacation. It is very delightful to spend your vacation on cruise but the problem most people face is that they put on weight or lose health because of this experience.

It is very easy to manage your health on cruise ship vacation if you follow some simple tips. Mostly women start taking less diet and consider it healthful for them but it is not quite right as in this way they lose their health. Normally the weight gain is 8 pounds per week. Cruises are normally taken as buffet and the passengers think they have to eat everything they see and in this way the put on weight. The tips are as follows.

  • Exercise in the ships

When you are on your cruise ship vacation you must go to the cruise fitness center everyday and spend some time in exercising usually in the day timings as the weather becomes pleasant in the day time. Every cruise ship has always well – maintained and well disciplined and modern machines that can help you in maintaining your health.

  • Limit Portion sizes at home

When at your cruise ship vacation you must limit your diet. It does not mean that you start taking less diet but it is meant that you should not exceed the limit and in this way portion your diet. You must take less amount of diet several times and avoid eating everything that you see. This could be a very good tip for maintaining your diet while on your cruise ship vacation.

  • Consider skipping desserts

You must avoid eating desserts and more fruits as there are large amounts of carbohydrates in them which get stored in the body as glycogen and fats beneath the skin and becoming obese or putting on weight. It does not mean that you completely avoid desserts but you should limit your desserts consumption.

  • Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking plenty of water is a good way of maintaining your weight. Drinking about 8 ounces of water daily is advised to keep you healthy and fit. You must drink plenty of water with your diet as it may curb your hunger and also washes any stored carbohydrates in the digestive tract. Drinking water has many other benefits as this prevents your body from dehydrating.

These are the few simple tips you should follow on you cruise ship vacation in order to maintain your health and do not put on weight. It depends upon your tastes and budget that which type of cruise ship vacation you take. You can take information about all the cruise ship vacation deals from internet and travel agents. Travel agencies are a better way as they can provide you discounts on the tickets you buy from them. You must check for any special packages o discounts offered by the cruises as it is a best way of saving money ob cruise ship vacation. There are special packages for the seniors, the military personnel’s, the doctors and other government employees.

How to visit Serbia; the coldest country on Earth

Do you know that Serbia is the coldest country on Earth where the sun is hidden from the surface for 4-6 months in a year? This is like almost no heat for a couple of months and that is very bad for the crops and agricultural sector. Serbia is also one of the top destinations in Europe and many people visit this place each year to experience the cold weather, amazing cities, fantastic museums and places which are very exciting to visit.

Visiting Serbia is as easy as a pie. All you must do is to plan your travel on certain dates and go to your nearest Serbian embassy, honorary consulate or diplomatic mission’s office and ask the front desk staff to provide details on the dates you want to visit. In most cases they will be helpful and will entertain you in the perfect manner. If not, then here you can read a quick guide to get a Serbian visa and get the best acceptance rates.

All you must do is to buy the cheapest ticket to Serbia, from and to the dates you want to travel. Make sure the air tickets are cancelled and easily refundable so that you don’t bear a loss if your visa doesn’t get accepted. Serbia has no restrictions or banned any country from acquiring a visa and in 99% cases your visa will get accepted. Serbia also has an on-arrival visa policy for most countries. It is better to check that list from their official diplomatic mission site. Your next step is to get your latest photographs and a few copies of your important documents that proves your identity and submit them to the embassy’s drop box.

Now, all you need to do is wait for your chance to get a response of the acceptance of your visa. It may take around 4 working days to get your visa. If it has been more than a week and near your departure date, then you need to call the embassy and ask for the status. If you do not get a good reply, then chances are that your visa is rejected, and you should refund your ticket as soon as possible.

However this is not the case most of the times and you get your visa within time. The first city you should visit in Serbia should be Belgrade which is famous for its forts and museums. The city is very cold so make sure you have enough sweaters and warm clothes in your suit case.

The second-best city in Serbia is Novi Sad which is famous for its Petrovaradin Fortress and is extremely exciting to watch the change of honor of guard’s ceremony at this place. Thousands of visitors get to this place each year from all around the world. Just make sure that you do not get conned at the airport or on the streets as Serbia is full of that.

Other than that, Serbia is the best place to visit in Europe.

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