Tips to Save Money When Travelling To Australia

Travelling Australia can result in an expensive trip if you are not prepared. The airfare alone can be burdensome and about two weeks’ worth of your pay. Aussies to be honest are the world’s most well-voyaged people because travelling in their own country is more expensive than touring the rest of the world. So if you want to make your trip count then follow the simple tips given below.

Do You Homework:

Well begun is half done, which is why you needn’t be afraid of a little extra hand at searching. It may be exhausting but it’ll save you a ton of money. Planning is so important before visiting Australia that it can turn your trip into a feast or famine. You need to find, I mean dig really deep for discounted deals because in holiday season prices do increase. And as hunt for rip-offs and bargains on airfares which are the most dominant expense don’t forget Jetstar, Virgin Australia and Qantas. Their weekly offers can get you off cheap.

Use Local Transport:

Renting a car in Australia can be quite costly, it’s not the rent itself but the cost of the fuel combined that are imposing. However, travelling in local transport such as trains and buses can be somewhat economical comparatively. The view from the rail is more enjoyable and it takes you almost anywhere, in some cities public transport is even free on selective routes to look for them. Only rent a car where the bus or train cannot take you to minimize expense.

Save Money on Lodgings:

Couch surfing and house sitting would be excellent option for sole travelers, it helps you stay at places free or cheap but is only suitable for a short getaway. For long trips and with friends and family hotels and inns can be really pricey but to avoid that you can consider a vocational rental or a farm stay even. They do not have the luxury of a hotel but are more spacious in less money, this way you’ll even have your own kitchen to cook home-meals and you’ll be more familiar with the locals.


Dine Cheaper:

The secret to dinning cheaper is to hunt thoroughly, seeking information through online forums and locals. The main advantage of bonding with the locals is that they will tell you whatever you need to know better than any online forum or trip-mag. It’s better to find places where lunch and dinner deals are available. An average lunch costs around $15-20, high-end restaurants can be costly about $40 something while, deals can be about $5-6 cheaper. Australian tradition does not require tipping it so don’t over-tip. But if you really want to a 10-15% is more than enough.

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