Best Destinations within $2000

What wouldn’t you do to have an affordable vacation or a honeymoon perhaps? You would travel light to avoid baggage costs, you would couch surf and spend the night in grotesque hotels where sheets smell like piss. You can’t really do that with family, it doesn’t only make you look like a shoddy finance minister but also leaves bad memories. Honeymoons and family getaways are supposed to be memorable and courteous. It is not important to go an expensive and an overly nice place that is obviously out of budget like Hawaii or Europe, so they are out of the question. However, there are some pretty cool places that offers an under $2000 offer for couples and families so until unless you have won a trip with a great discounted price to someplace more expensive that would’ve been overbearing keep reading:

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Riviera Maya, a most romantic vacation destination in the city of Playa del Carmen for a perfectly planned getaway. The road from U.S to Mexico is separated by only one border so, in order to make it affordable you can opt for a road-trip as it is comparatively cheaper than airfare. This way things will get spiced up and adventurous while being economical. There are plenty of hotels in Riviera Maya, however, the best one is Azul Fives Hotel by Karisma. It has a myriad of possibilities of room types to select, from expansive condos with ocean facing windows to a multiple bed-room penthouse. There is a high probability of your stomach being bloated and fit to burst with the more than 11 dine-ins and bars ranging from casual to extra formal.
13 night cost per couple: $1800-$1900.

Cable Beach, Bahamas

There is no place like Bahamas to spread wide under the sun. You may have been here before but it does not mean that going again would be any less fun. Beaches are all about tanning your legs and skinny dipping which is why we bring you Breezes Bahamas Resort and Spa, which welcomes all your family that is, absolutely in love couples and children over 14 (only). The hotel is a two-story or three-story spread surrounded by bistros, alcohol joints, golf courses and 1,000 slot casinos. The hotel is barely a 15 minute drive from the airport and makes the Cable Beach’s list of top all-inclusives. The all-inclusive package consists of a five night stay in an ocean view luxurious room, all-meals and drinks ordered by the couple, his and hers’ t-shirt souvenirs to bring back home. Also the cost of participation, training and instruction for all land and water sports and encompassed in the package.
Cost per couple: $1900-$2000

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Do you know what’s better than Florida? Her distant cousin Jamaica. Pompous cerulean waters, azure sky, you in between inhaling the familiar Caribbean scent just like home would smell to a pirate. Montego Bay has a quixotic heritage, it’s like super glue for lovebirds. Around the year livid temperatures just enough to be bikini-welcoming and an assorted amount of out-door activities. From beach ball, to water sports such as scuba-diving and live-award-winning golf, the Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa has set out its plans so that you can enjoy better. With the romantic landscape of the Misty Blue Mountains Hilton Rose proposes a laid-back deal for newly-weds. The hotel will provide accommodation in an ocean view guest-room, lunches, dinners and suppers are all paid for in the package including lots of booze. And over the top services and planned out activities like non-mechanical watersports, lessons for rum mixology, fitness games and of course kayaking all’s comprised for.

Cost per couple including all hotels tax and service charges: $1200-$1300
(you can buy your partner a present with the left over cash)

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