How to visit Serbia; the coldest country on Earth

Do you know that Serbia is the coldest country on Earth where the sun is hidden from the surface for 4-6 months in a year? This is like almost no heat for a couple of months and that is very bad for the crops and agricultural sector. Serbia is also one of the top destinations in Europe and many people visit this place each year to experience the cold weather, amazing cities, fantastic museums and places which are very exciting to visit.

Visiting Serbia is as easy as a pie. All you must do is to plan your travel on certain dates and go to your nearest Serbian embassy, honorary consulate or diplomatic mission’s office and ask the front desk staff to provide details on the dates you want to visit. In most cases they will be helpful and will entertain you in the perfect manner. If not, then here you can read a quick guide to get a Serbian visa and get the best acceptance rates.

All you must do is to buy the cheapest ticket to Serbia, from and to the dates you want to travel. Make sure the air tickets are cancelled and easily refundable so that you don’t bear a loss if your visa doesn’t get accepted. Serbia has no restrictions or banned any country from acquiring a visa and in 99% cases your visa will get accepted. Serbia also has an on-arrival visa policy for most countries. It is better to check that list from their official diplomatic mission site. Your next step is to get your latest photographs and a few copies of your important documents that proves your identity and submit them to the embassy’s drop box.

Now, all you need to do is wait for your chance to get a response of the acceptance of your visa. It may take around 4 working days to get your visa. If it has been more than a week and near your departure date, then you need to call the embassy and ask for the status. If you do not get a good reply, then chances are that your visa is rejected, and you should refund your ticket as soon as possible.

However this is not the case most of the times and you get your visa within time. The first city you should visit in Serbia should be Belgrade which is famous for its forts and museums. The city is very cold so make sure you have enough sweaters and warm clothes in your suit case.

The second-best city in Serbia is Novi Sad which is famous for its Petrovaradin Fortress and is extremely exciting to watch the change of honor of guard’s ceremony at this place. Thousands of visitors get to this place each year from all around the world. Just make sure that you do not get conned at the airport or on the streets as Serbia is full of that.

Other than that, Serbia is the best place to visit in Europe.

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